About Us

About Us

Invested in Your Future

Incorporated in 2021, Venture East Group is an investment consulting company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, with South East Asia at its core, offering innovative investment solutions to meet the financial needs of clients. We raise and support private equity and venture finance initiatives fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals.

The knowledge of our investment professionals will satisfy even the most demanding Client. Experienced investment professional and partners with an impeccable reputation help Venture East Group achieve our goals and supporting improved climate action and economic sustainability by implementing and investing in large projects & businesses in areas of distributed/new & renewable energy, storage hub terminal, and oil & gas sectors in South East Asia and particularly in Indonesia.

Management Team



Graduate with Bachelor degree in Metallurgy from The National Institute of Science and Technology and a double Master degree in Business Administration and Engineering Management from The University of Technology Sydney, he started his career as a consultant in an American leading consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton. His international experience and career as a senior consultant for 12 years spans the area of strategic management, restructuring , financing, engineering, merger & acquisition, project tender, and analytic in various sector such as State Owned Enterprise , Government, Financial Services, Energy, Resources, Transportation, Logistic and Telecommunication.



Murari Yerneni has over 16 years of experience in the Renewable Energy space with special focus on Hydropower development and is also involved in conceptualizing new Hydropower projects in frontier markets of Myanmar & Nepal. Murari has been involved from conceptualizing to financial closure stage of hydropower projects in India & has experience in project financing in the infrastructure and energy sector. Murari graduated in Commerce from, Osmania University of Hyderabad and has a MBA in Finance and International Business from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Our Services


  • Investment Consulting
  • Investment Strategy Development
  • Investment Project Assessment
  • Offering Memorandum Project Funding
  • Cashflow Management Services
  • Investment Engineering


  • Investment Financing
  • Project Finance
  • Financial Engineering
  • Structured Finance
  • Debt Funding
  • Financial Modelling
  • Investment Engineering
  • Refinancing


We offer project finance and assist in the implementation of: -

Clean Gas
Clean Fuel Cell
Clean Battery
  • Solar PV plants.
  • HPP and wind power plants.
  • Gas power plants.
  • Mini Hydro Powerplant.
  • Oil & Gas Storage Terminal.
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Distribution.
  • Infrastructure facilities.
  • H2 &H2O generation Plant.
  • Seaports and port infrastructure.
  • LNG plants and regasification hub terminals.